Reasons To Recycle Your Catalytic Converter

In the United States, there are two hundred and fifty-three million vehicles on the road. With so many cars and trucks in usage, there will be mechanical failures. With the average vehicle age of eleven years old, parts occasionally need to be replaced.

Since 1975, in compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of exhaust emissions, gasoline vehicles were required to be equipped with catalytic converters. The converter uses a set of catalysts to convert the dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide and smog-producing hydrocarbons produced by the engine into harmless substances of carbon dioxide and water. The usage of catalytic converters thus enhances our environment.

Catalytic converters are manufactured to last as long as your vehicle, but unfortunately, as with any mechanical devices, they go out and need to be replaced. Fortunately, you can get cash for your scrap converters. Precious metals are contained in trace amounts in the honeycomb-shaped matrix in the converter. Rhodium, platinum, and palladium are valuable and can be extracted from the broken converter. Recycling your catalytic converter is easy. Call Converter Guy at 1-802-376-4581 for the best price for your scrap converter. helps the environment and puts cash in your pocket.