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If you want a quote for your new roofing construction project, please be aware that not all roofing materials are created equal. Remember that the primary purpose of any shingle you choose is to insulate your dwelling from the water. If water penetrates the roof and leaks, you can experience costly damage to the structure and the contents of your home. The first thing to consider in choosing the right materials for your project is climate. If you are in an area that is prone to hurricanes and tornados, you will have to consider the proper shingle and the manufacturer warranties that will protect your investment.

Sometimes building codes are overlooked in deciding on a shingle. Please note that these codes are in place to protect you and your dwelling. Some areas have certain restrictions on roof shingles that may be more flammable than others. Please check the codes so you will comply. The weight of the shingle and the durability over the years of service is another concern. There is no way of knowing how manufacturers rate their roofing regarding years of service. They will tell you that this roof will last 25 years. Depending on the installer and the climate, it might last 25 years, but we will not get our hopes up at this point.

The top three asphalt shingle manufacturers are Owens Corning, GAF Timberline, and IKO shingles. It is vital that you set appointments with at least three roofing contractors in your area to get estimates and learn about the options and products that are available to you. Ask friends and neighbors about their experiences with contractors they used for roofing jobs. Also, make notes and use a checklist so you can organize your appointments with several roofers.
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